We love fun wedding proposal ideas so to be part of one was a real treat for us! We meet most of our clients once they are well on the way to planning their wedding day. This time was a little different, we met Christopher when he was looking for a unique way to propose to his girlfriend. His fun wedding proposal ideas? what about a treasure hunt of sorts. Follow the clues which all lead back to the spot where the couple first met – awwwww! isn’t that sweet!

So working with Christopher we created a series of clue cards which he would hide in the hotel room. Following each clue (with a specially designed scratch off panel) the lucky lady let’s call her Mrs Right would head down to the reception desk where another clue would be waiting for her. Following a map in this clue she would be led to the spot where she and Christopher first met. It is here that Christopher would be waiting for her.

We wanted to create something fun and unique but still small enough to hide around the room. Each card included a clue to lead her to the next location, on each card was a specially designed scratchy spot (similar to an instant scratchy ticket), scratch it off and find the answer to that clue (in case in all the excitement she couldn’t think straight). Thinking about the scratch panel we attached a 5 cent piece to a small card which was then inserted into a custom printed pouch (in the world of credit cards, we had to be sure she would have the right tools to get to the answers if needed!).

Next we added a wooden tag letter with twine bow to each card, the tags were raise mounted so each letter was sitting above the card. Then, when all the clues were joined together the little letters spelt out I love U … wanna see?

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