While hiring a wedding planner is quite the stress relief, there are numerous reasons why that is not an option for everybody. And so, you are left to organize your own wedding and be the main star in it as well. However, this ultimate guide for stress-free wedding planning will help you get everything done as smoothly as possible and have a wonderful time on your special day. 

Don’t be afraid to delegate

Planning a wedding is a big job for one person, so don’t be afraid to ask for help and delegate some of the tasks to your friends and family. Also, pick one person that will take over communication with the venue, cake designer, florist, caterer and entertainment as the big day approaches. There is a moment when you will have to stop being a wedding planner and take the role of a bride or groom. 

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Determine your budget

wedding budget is the most important thing and will also serve as the starting point for realizing your ideas. It will help you find alternatives to more expensive parts of the ceremony, as well as to adjust your plans in time. 

Find the perfect venue

The venue is determined by several factors like the estimated number of guests, weather conditions and your idea for the wedding day. Start scouting the locations and see which one fits the most into your budget and wishes. But while the appearance and special organisation are significant, you should also gather information what each of the possible venues includes in the booking price like entertainment, decorations and catering. 

Wedding Invitation Ideas

Start your orders in time

There are certain things to do long before the big day to ensure that everything will be ready in time. First of all, choose the desired wedding invitations and send them out asking guests to RSVP until a certain date so you would know how many guests you will have at the reception. Then, hire catering and order a cake from the baker which should happen months before the wedding depending on the season and popularity of the service. The same applies to florist and wedding decorations especially if you have them custom made or shipped from afar. 

Hire a professional photographer

Since everyone has a smartphone, there will be a lot of photos and videos going around, but they will most likely lack the quality and expertise of a professional. So, don’t leave anything to chance and hire the best wedding photographer to take photos especially before the wedding. Additionally, ask them to concentrate more on capturing spontaneous moments to truly depict the atmosphere at your wedding. 

Try your look for the day weeks before

Gown, hair and makeup styles are something you should start looking for the moment you set the date. There are various dress models out there and it will take you time to find the one you like the most, and not to mention the time for adjustments and shipping. When it comes to hair and makeup, you should try different styles to see which one makes you the most comfortable and gives you the look you want. This means you will have to book several appointments with your stylists and be prepared for compromises, as well as patient with the process.   

In the end

Weddings are overwhelming as they are supposed to be, giving that it is one of the most special days of your life. This ultimate guide for stress-free wedding planning offers practical advice and suggestions on how to make the process easier and even have fun along the way. After all, you don’t want to be exhausted when the big day arrives.