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Orchid Wedding Invitations – Seeded Paper


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Product Description

Orchid Wedding Invitations – Seeded Paper

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Our Orchid Wedding Invitations are perfect for a garden wedding, garden ceremony or even a tropical wedding. An orchid stem is printed on the left side of this square seeded paper wedding invitation. Your design and invitation wording is printed in your choice of flat ink colours to complement your celebration. Your unique Orchid Wedding Invitations are printed on our handmade seeded paper. This highly textured paper has your choice of seed variety embedded into the recycled paper pulp in the creation process. The result is our gorgeous seeded paper and your own unique invitation paper which no two pieces are the same. Pretty cool huh? Each piece is unique and this is due to the handmade nature of the paper and the distribution of the seeds within the paper. Not only that, but each seed variety gives a slightly different texture due to the size, shape and colour of each individual seed.

Seeds currently available to be embedded into your Orchid Wedding Invitations are: Basil, Carrot, Lettuce, Oregano, Parsley, Swan River Daisy, Thyme and Wild Rocket. Please note, we cannot embed more than one seed variety in your seeded paper invitations.

Our Orchid Wedding Invitations are a beautiful eco-friendly memento of your wedding day. Encourage your guests to plant their invitation and watch it grow into Australian natives, herbs or vegetables (after your celebration of course!). Just imagine how great it would be, having dinner at a friends place and they serve up a dish with a side of carrots they grew from your wedding invitations!

As with all of our seeded paper wedding invitations, each invite comes with a blank ivory coloured envelope. Your invitation wording is printed in your choice of colours, fonts and wording on our handmade plantable paper. To make it easy, each invitation comes with planting instructions printed along the bottom of the design, which not only helps guests know they can plant their invitation but also how to plant it!

Additional insert cards and wedding stationery is also available to complement your Orchid Wedding Invitations. Any additional cards will also feature the orchid design and are printed on our matte ivory card.

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Additional Information

Invitation Inclusions

Included is your printed invitation card on our handmade seed paper which has been embedded with the seeds of your choice. Comes with blank matte ivory envelope.

Invitation Size

145x145mm (14.5×14.5cm)

Minimum Order


Plantable Paper Note

We do not recommend sending seeded paper internationally as customs and quarantine restrictions vary with many countries restricting the import of live seeds (even in paper). If you do have overseas guests please let us know as we can print your international guests' invitations on non-seeded card. Swan River Daisy seeds are recommended for any orders with guests in Western Australia

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