If you are celebrating your wedding either interstate or overseas, more often than not many of your guests are going to have to travel a fair distance to celebrate with you. Whether you are celebrating in tropical Bali, or Fiji or maybe somewhere a little colder! Your guests will also need to budget, make travel arrangements and organise who is going to water their plants while they are away!  With this in mind, it’s always a good idea to send your guests a save the date card.

Sending out save the dates not only allows your guests extra planning and budget time but also gives them a chance to score an early bird deal and arrange some accommodation for their cat. For you, it means that the people you really want to be there on your big day have more chance of being able to come and celebrate your wedding with you.

Here are some of our favourite save the date cards designed especially for your overseas or interstate destination wedding..

Save the date world map

World Map Save the Date Cards

This overseas destination wedding save the date cards are available printed on either standard matte or shimmer card and our handmade seeded paper. Customise the map with your own wedding details and change the arrow to your destination.


wedding stationery passport

Wedding Passport Save the Date Cards

This design features a passport style foil printed blue folder. Inside is your save the date wording on the right with your photograph on the left. This fun save the date card is perfect for international destination weddings. For more details on this passport wedding save the date just follow the link – Save the Date Passport


overseas wedding save the dates

international wedding save the dates

Destination Wedding Save the Date Map Cards

These funky wedding save the date cards feature a big map of Australia on one side with an arrow to your destination or vice-versa! These unique map save the dates are fully customisable from the map to colours, card and font styles. The back of this save the date is simple with you names or names and wedding date printed with a background colour of your choice. With this simple back, it means the front personalised map really pops! For more information on this customisable save the date map just follow the link: Destination Wedding Save the Date Maps


Getting Hitched Save the Date Magnet

We’re getting Married Wedding Save the Date Magnet

This is a unique and fun save the date magnet design for your destination wedding. The number plate on the car scratches off to reveal your wedding date with all the details printed in the car itself. For more details, images and pricing on this wedding save the date magnet with scratchy just follow the link – We’re Getting Married Wedding Save the Date

♥ Follow this link For more Wedding Save the Date Ideas  

A destination wedding whether it be interstate or overseas can be so much fun and also a mini holiday for you and your guests. Just remember the more time your guests have to plan to more likely they will be able to celebrate your wedding day with you! If you are celebrating with a destination wedding and are looking for a custom save the date or wedding stationery just let us know and we can work with your inspirations to create a custom package just for you!

Happy Wedding Planning! x