How gorgeous is this? A gelato cart at your wedding! Imagine a nice warm day, and an outdoor or beachside wedding ceremony followed by gelato for your guests, sounds fabulously different doesn’t it! Not only is this lovely traditional Italian style gelato cart for hire but you can dress it up the way you want to suit your celebration! What fun!

Yes, you have to admit the Italian style cart is cute and the bambino cones below are just gorgeous but what about the flavours?

The gelato needs to not only look good, but taste good too! Well, don’t fear! It’s Gelatissimo so you are safe and it means that you can pop into your local Gelatissimo to try out the flavours.

So whether you prefer Sorbet or Dairy with over 30 varieties the flavour choice is yours! Visit Gelatissimobile for more info and to drool over the flavour choices…Mmm…chocolate brownie with caramel fudge or lemon sorbet I can’t decide!