Well, we are back from our impromptu trip to Melbourne! I hope you had a lovely long weekend. To apologise for no posts last week and for the fact that I just love candy stripe paper straws here is a free downloadable for you – yay!

For a recent celebration we created some sweet little straw flags to wrap around the paper straws. These are really fun and so simple to create. Use them at your engagement, wedding, bridal shower or just as a cute addition when drinking your soda! You can personalise the flags with your names, guest names, personal messages… whatever suits your celebration.

You only need a few bits and pieces to create your own personalised straw flags and they look so cute when you are finished.

Your template may take a little while to download depending on your internet speed.

Shopping List :
* Cute Paper straws that suit your theme
* Printer
* Plain, coloured or patterned A4 paper
* Scissors &/or craft knife + ruler + cutting mat
* Double sided tape
* Free DIY Straw Flag Template

Once you have collected everything, you are now ready to start crafting! . . . Ready?

Step one
Fill in your DIY Straw Flag Template with what you want both sides of each flag to say.
A few ideas: your names, your wedding date, Celebrate, Love, your favourite places, artists or even leave one side blank. Go with whatever best suits you and your celebration.

Step two
Print it onto your chosen paper – yay, pretty!

Step three
Cut the paper along the template lines using your scissors or craft knife, ruler & cutting mat combo. You will then have a lot of little rectangles.

Step four
If you have decided to use card stock rather than paper you will need to roll each flag around a pencil or one of your straws, similar to how you would curl a ribbon. This will curl the card, giving you a nice round edge around the entire straw.

Step five
Attach a length of your double sided tape down one side on the inside of the flag.

Step six
Wrap your cute little flag around the straw, line up the ends and then press together. Press to crease the flag so it is attached to the straw (you can use your fingernails to get the crease right)

Step seven
Neaten up the end by cutting a small triangle and ta-daaaa! You have a cute straw with an even cuter flag on it!

Enjoy your gorgeous new straws!