Well, with a lot of baking inspiration arriving to us last week, I had to do a little weekend baking.

There wasn’t a lot of spare time on the weekend but I did manage to whip up some Banana bread and since I can’t share a slice of the banana bread with you lovely readers, I thought I would create a FREE muffin or cupcake topper printable for you instead! YAY!

Banana bread never lasts long in our house, even if it’s nicely packaged! Yesterday I baked in the blue loaf case from Emerald and Ella¬†– so cute!

And a couple of individual muffin size with little cake topper  decoration just perfect for sharing . . .

Download your FREE cupcake topper template here. All you need to do for this easy DIY is print out the downloaded sheet onto your favourite colour paper or card and use a circle punch or scissors to cut them out! easy! (I used a 1-inch scalloped edge punch)

Once you have cut them out attach each sign to a toothpick with a little piece of tape. If you want them double sided just attach a cut-out to both sides of the toothpick with double sided tape!

Add a little ribbon bow (I used a 3mm ribbon) around the top, pop them into your cake or cupcakes and you have some cute little cake toppers!! РEnjoy!